“What we are doing in Cambodia is entering the market and increasing the level of professionalism with the Cambodian agents, so they can compete on a international level and work in the global market place ”

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Century 21 Real Estate was founded in 1971 and is today the largest and most recognized real estate company in the world, with 6,900 offices worldwide, in 78 countries, and more than 101,000 real estate professionals.

Cambodia will be the 75th official country for Century 21 Real Estate. Century 21 Real Estate is the largest company providing comprehensive training and marketing support for its affiliated offices worldwide. As a result Century 21 Agents are recognized as the most skilled real estate professionals in the world.

The Century 21 Asia Pacific countries comprise over 10,000 Century 21 agents and is regionally the strongest brand in real estate services. In addition to a strong regional presence supporting Century21 Cambodia, China has more than 15,000 Century 21 Agents and Japan has over13,000 Century21 Agents, making the Century 21 Brand the strongest in Asia.


A veteran real estate professional with over 10 years in the field and Chairman of multiple businesses and associations in Cambodia.

Currently, the CEO of VTRUST Group

Board Advisor to the Cambodia Chamber of Commerce, Chairman of the Cambodian Valuers and Estate Agents Association, Chairman of the Cambodian Investors Club, and Vice President of the Young Entrepreneurs Association of Cambodia.

He is one of the most well respected Cambodian individuals who is recognized for his transparency in business, integrity, and the trust he has built in the local business community.


Grace Fong is Learning Director of Century 21 Cambodia the America’s biggest Real Estate Company in the World and a BoD of Cambodian Valuers and Estate Agents Association (CVEA), BoD of Cambodian Investor’s Club (CIC), BoD of Elin Leasing Company, BoD of Fountain Of Hope, Member of Cambodia Chamber of Commerce(CCC), Committee Member of Cambodia Women Entrepreneurs Association (CWEA), Member of JCI Cambodia & Gold Member of Amcham.

Grace is Managing Director & Executive Trainer of Singapore firm based in Cambodia JM Asia Cambodia Pte.,Ltd focus on Soft Skills training, Business Consultant & Investment. She is a Co-Train with our Singapore partner Mr. Ken Chee, Group Chairman a Self-made millionaire of 8Investment Group just listed in Australia Stock Market and with Mr.Philip in Singapore and Cambodia.

Has extensive 15 years business experience with across industries.A Singapore trained coach and very passionate about Soft -Skills coaching and seeing people’s lives and performance improves.

Personal Advisor to Chairman & CEO
Century 21 Cambodia Mr Kuy Vat

Mr. HIDEYUKI Nagamatsu is the Representative Director of Fuji Housing Co.,Ltd, and CEO at Century 21 Fuji Housing which is now operating six different affiliate offices in Japan.

In 1989, Nagamatsu employed at a condominium developer in Yokohama. Thereafter, he moved forward to a real estate broker at Shonan then an independent person since 1996 up to the present time. With over 20 years experiences in Real Estate, Mr. Nagamatsu has now become a Real Estate Transaction Specialist providing Real Estate Consulting Skills Registrant, Mortgage Advisor, Level 2 Building Site Manager, Specific Chemical Substance Handling Chief and Property Manager.



“What we’re doing is opening the real estate market for qualified local offices and individuals to work with international buyers” says Kuy Vat, Chairman of Century 21 Cambodia.

“We want the best of the best to become a part of Century 21 in Cambodia” says Kuy Vat, Chairman of Century 21 Cambodia.

The current real estate brokerage market has remained much the same as it was before the World Economic Crisis in 2008. In 2014, with the implementation of Century 21 Real Estate in Cambodia, we will raise the standard practice of real estate service across the entire market in Cambodia. “Through our award winning training programs and brand support, we provide all the tools to make Century 21 Agents succeed in Cambodia. We have done this in every country and it worked every time.” Chairman, Kuy Vat.
“Century 21 Real Estate is a business that helps local companies to take their real estate offices to the next level, to network with international buyers, and for them to use the brand that everyone knows and trusts worldwide” says Vat.